About Us

Telecare LLC was originally conceived with the purpose of serving the health needs of disabled Veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice serving and protecting our Nations and way of life. Our moto is "Service to those who have served."

As an afterthought we realized that if the standard of care we established for our most deserving and disabled Veterans (i.e., the Veteran Standard) was extended to other special needs groups, it would help improve the overall quality of health care for the society at large.

Telecare believes that access to health care is a fundamental and universal right for all persons, independent of socioeconomic status, race, religion or geographical location.

Telecare uses the advantages of technology to facilitate access to substance abuse, mental health and primary health services. In addition, Telecare believes that home care is the future of health care. We specialize in the use of technology to create health services that can be experienced by disabled Veterans, the elderly, chronically ill and those effected by mental health and substance abuse in the privacy of their home.

The option to receive health care at home helps to improve a person's participation in their health care minimizing missed appointment due to problems created by location, transportation, weather and stigma associated with certain services.

Telecare does not propose to substitute health care in traditional settings (i.e., doctor's offices, clinics, hospitals, etc.) but supplements and provides the option for persons to receive health care at home or in an alternative setting.

Telecare proposes to offer its unique capabilities directly or indirectly through strategic partnerships with public and private health care organizations and IT companies. Our strategic partnership strategy helps companies to quickly expand their market presence to establish new revenue streams and save on missed appointments and travel expenses. It helps Telecare to more quickly expand the Veteran Standard of health care and improve the access, quality and affordability of health care for everyone.

"Any society that does not properly care for its Veterans, Elderly, Disabled and Infirmed, violates a fundamental obligation of humanity."

-Dr. Jacob Theodore Brown Jr.